0. tehheubmeap

1. Q: are you serious? A: yes

2. "A Masterpiece in Search & Destroy"

3. "like 60 minutes on acid"

4. lol, i'm a drone.....bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt

5. Inappropriate Buttsecks

6. contesting an obvious fact

7. foaming at the mouth in the lidl checkout

8. Splitting Pubic Hairs

9. Is your son a computer hacker?

10. this is not my beautiful space station

11. Bob-B-Overcooked

12. an elegy for an ipod

13. Catechism Chasm Cataclysm

14. Perfect Matred (Inhaling one's own farts I)

15. 10 minutes till you shit yourself

16. out of the frying pan, into a used car lot

17. Security Officer-B-Q

18. Veteran of the Pfhorte Wars

19. Digestion Simulator 2021

20. where'd you park the car?

21. Stairway to Aaron

22. (Still) NoFishes (Please Get a New Computer)

23. Not a Fun Scenario (Inhaling one's own farts II)

24. Skyfall

25. 7 jazz funk greats

26. fuck

27. help, i broke my mic boom arm. pls help me, i beg you

28. ladnarud hsinif

29. 10 Things That Aren't Jackie Chan

30. Bungie did you get that thing I sent you? It came from me. It cam