1: Freedom Of Choice

terminal 0


** incoming message ** Our rich resourse of water is once again in peril. The water purification orbs are being stolen at an alarming rate - we must stop the thievery - and return these social fools to their deep sleep...forever! The Entertainment Sector was invaded last night with beasts of every race. There are no orbs there, but two teleportation credentials were left in the gymnasium. You must find them and send them back to me - they must not go back to the 4th dimension! The concert last night has trapped dozens of our crew in Mr. B's ballroom. Free them. From there you can send back to me the lost credentials. Good luck! - Cmndr. Blake ** end transmission **

terminal 1


** incoming message ** You must get both credentials. If one of your other patrol members doesn't have it, turn around - and locate the missing chip. - Cmndr. Blake ** end transmission **


** incoming message ** Ah, the satisfied mind...we will all sleep well tonight - good work. We now know that replenishing your ammunition supply isn't a problem - our onboard ship controls are still functional - but for how long? Pity you can't rest yet, we've found more intruders in the Purification Plant. C'mon there aren't that many - I thought you enjoyed playing the puppet boy! The quickest access will be to get back on board the Red Eye Express - go into the teleportation dock - I've already sent someone there to activate the transporter.

** incoming message ** I've just received word that while you were out playing peek-a-boo, two more orbs have been stolen! At this rate planet Earth will shrivel up! Don't rescue me, I'm safe - but get that set of credentials that were taken - you must locate them soon! ** < Purification Plant System Status: ** • < All Replenishing Stations are still showing as fully operational. • < Ammunition is still being placed in the invaded Sectors. • < Water currents still flowing as usual. • < Alien infestation: High. You must not return without our fallen heroes credentials. What I must ask is that you don't shout when reporting your findings - I'm not the one who called you sloppy! - Cmndr. Blake ** teleport when ready **

terminal 2


Congratulations...that is a difficult jump! For all your hard work there should be some sort of reward, eh? In the next map, there is a hidden invincibility...find the clues hidden in one of the other terminals. The crowd at the concert has been dubbed "unruley". See how many shots it takes for you to empty the room. *I'm still trying to do it in one! Nearly every sentence in the terminals is laced with Devo song titles - hence the odd storyline...who made Blake "Cmndr" anyway? In "Wiggly World", be sure to walk a tight line, or there'll be Hell to pay! *All maps originally made by Spockers and Borzz (9/96), updated for Infinity (5-97)