3: Wiggly World

terminal 0


** incoming message ** Hopefully you have both of them, it's crucial to the safety of everyone! Tfear has already coded the coordinates for their destination...they must not be in your possession when he... ** end transmission **


** incoming message ** Tfear? All the credit for our beautiful work goes to Tfear?! The insult! You blockhead...a mongoloid at best - an ancient rogue, whose swelling itching brain can't decifer love without anger. Known as a pink pussy cat throughout every galaxy, you feared a myth. That's good, but too much paranoias is weakening your character. How long can this go on? Have you had enough of the jerkin' back and forth? When something's going wrong - you must whip it, and you did! Congratulations! `til Infinity, and beyond... ...see ya star-side spuds! ** choose your mutations wisely **