3: Pirates make poor dinner party guests

terminal 0


Jeeves here

Splendid effort, Sir- a most stirling performance, I must say. For a moment there I did not think you'd pull through against such stiff opposition. There's still much to be done: Can I suggest you make your way to the main vault, and in doing so halt the pirates maniacal progress? You will also need to board their craft. They're using this level's teleporter, the cheeky devils. If you can fight your way to this point, you should be able to enter their ship with ease- then dispatch the scoundrels once and for all. Return here when you're done, and we'll assess the damage and make a full report for The Company. All the very best, Sir.



Jeeves Here, Sir.

Magnificent. Magnifique! Your best performance yet. Bravo, Sir. Bravo. But now the day's jolly escapades must fade into fondly remembered dotage. There's paperwork to be done, Sir, and a cruise liner to manage. It is imperative that the passengers remain ignorant of today's shenanigans, so I'll ask you to maintain a discreet silence during tonight's cold buffet with cabaret courtesy of the Tony Twango quartet. In the meantime, you must make a thorough report of the day's events for The Company. And be sure to mention full details of your own involvement in the affair- that monthly bonus is richly deserved. Before returning to the security office on deck 345, I'd strongly advise a trip to the saunas. In fact, booth 13 on deck 125 is steaming nicely (I had the foresight, in the heat of battle, to stoke up the coals in readiness for your visit).A freshly laundered bath-robe, roebuck leather mocassins and a crisp new edition of the New York Times await. I'll see you in the office in two hours, Sir.