0: Short Comings

terminal 0


<<ATTENTION>> <<ATTENTION>> Un-Authorized access at OS-Terminal: 209b <<<You are un-authorized to use this access terminal>>> <<<You have been placed under arrest>>> <<<Hold your current position>>> <<<wait for authorities>>> <<End of Message>>

terminal 1


<<Warning!>> <<Warning!>> <<-System 8ecording as of 2000hrs–>> W2rning! UnkNown enemy has attacked central comman4 room on level D1. Rad signatures have g9one off the charts! All member4s are required to evacuate base immediately! He9vy losses reported, data banks have been hacked99 GET OUT!8988....... <<System recordin5 destro5ed>> <<OS-SYS shutdo9n commencing>>

terminal 2


<<Receiving C.O.P. message>> You are in violation of the following sector laws: 00998c–Evading arrest instructions… 00876c–Treason against the UW government… 00877c–Assisting in treason against government… 00868c–Destruction of government property… 00118c–Killing an officer… You are hereby sentenced to death by order of the UW Council -Sentence effective in: 48 hours <<End of message>> <<SMTS activated>>