2: No Blood, No Dallas

terminal 0


harmono vero homaro

![link approved] You are currently at the edge of the colony's development. Approximately one thousand meters under your feet is the tunnel network from which the raw materials used to construct the colony were mined. This is not the location to which the missing section of the Pfhor ship was teleported. Rather, at the last minute, my continuing review of colony records indicated this as a far more productive pursuit for the time being. However, we will be continuing with that objective at our earliest convenience.

Colony activity logs record the extensive use of drones to explore and map these tunnels, objective unknown. The dataset is rather damaged, but interpolation suggests that the strong interest in exploration manifested itself in the several days following the arrival of the Pfhor ship. Further, medical data can be interpreted to show that the first human explorers did not return, and that the subsequent use of standard-issue drones included arming them with decidedly non-standard-issue armaments, objective unknown.

<checkpoint 0>

Further, additional logs and records convey the clear implication that some sort of new device, perhaps a weapon, was created and tested in these tunnels, objective unknown. Through careful reconstruction, I have been able to determine the weapon's last known storage location, and at the conclusion of this message I will teleport you in the closest proximity to the device as I can manage. The storage facility will, in all likelihood, be the only area in these tunnels whose support machinery is still operational and active. Retrieve the device and return to this location. ![end]

harmono vero homaro


harmono vero homaro

Thank you for playing "Darkness, v1.0," our submission to the Marathon Infinity mapmaking contest. The foregoing levels serve as the first three chapters in a much longer and extremely complex story, currently under construction. Completion date is unknown, but the mail-order folks say it'll be shipping in two weeks. For more information, please see the "Read Me" file on the submitted zip disk. Brannon Moore Corey Moore