2: Deep Thunder

terminal 0


How much is it really worth?

TO TEAM 7 TANGO Screw this up, and no one gets paid. There's another chip out there somewhere. Find it. Use the buttons in the circular room to control platform elevations in another part of the level. The chip goes in a pad down the hallway pictured here. Once inserted, it will set off a chain reaction, sealing off both of you, and flooding the area. Get to the other terminal (Circled in blue) to get out. It's gonna get hot in there, so don't burn the suits, ok, guys? END

Not Enough

terminal 1


Get back to work!

TO TEAM 7 TANGO Get back to work, ya slob! I don't pay ya to lounge on your terminal games. END



Brings out the friskies in your head

•••STRESS DUE TO HEAT••• WARNING - TERMINAL LOG LOSS Teleport now, before the heat kills this terminal. ***Checking Teleport Checklist....Error in line #44#2#91 Developing charge...Done Opening link to host destination...Data recieved CLEAR

Missing Those? (Manual Pg. 16)