0: Isolation

terminal 0


_____________________________________________________________________ Ah yes, the wake-up call. Good morning, soldier. My name is Carver. That is, Lieutenant Jason Carver, and I'm your commanding officer for the time being. You're currently aboard the small Pfhor cruiser Ist'nbl, however the hell you pronounce that - we've just been calling it the Istanbul. After that little stunt you and your boys pulled off over at Val'hlma, the Pfhor retaliated by slaughtering our battlecruiser, the Gettysburg. So, I took the crew and we boarded their attack craft - this one. We won, but with heavy casualties. You were in stasis the whole time, recovering from the radiation blast when that damn building went critical. However, during the fight, the Istanbul's faster-than-light engines were heavily damaged, and so we've been limping across the galaxy for the last couple years, trying to find a UESC outpost or ship, but the Pfhor keep destroying them before we reach them, or something. Right now we're hovering over the planet F'raxis, and we were deciding if we should land and try to make repairs when wide-beam scans picked up some Pfhor. _____________________________________________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________ We're going to send you and a strike force down in a couple of the Gettysburg's invasion shuttles, so you can help secure the area. The Istanbul's engines are wrecked and the life support keeps cutting out in some areas. It's only a matter of time before something bad happens. Well, worse. You'll get objectives upon landing. _____________________________________________________________________ PREPARE FOR TRANSPORT