2: ---but your better than them

terminal 0


*INCOMING MESSEGE* AI Jeff Bad news, the aliens in this sector have taken hostages. Your job here is to resuce those hostages and kill all aliens in the area. The main hostages are in one of the smaller communitcation towers. There are some other hostages in the area also. While your here you should grap the gun I told you about here. It's called the M.75 assault rifle, it comes with a grenade laucher that has eight grenades. It may come in handy while you kill more aliens. I'll try my best to get ahold of another .45 Magnum Mega class pistol for dual wielding. Hmm? You're wondering what all these aliens are and what that one thing was back there that helped you? I'll try to debrief some more crewmembers to find out. Report when your finished in the communitcation's tower terminal. *END MESSEGE*

terminal 1


HGVIVSDYUVSYVSOI7SDV94760W9GWEYUVHWEVEWG0897EWV0DUVBHDSVKYESG SVOYSV08E7GF0W7TWUJVHDBSDYVF0E7T90E8UOPUJPHBJSDKHJVYEY0GUEWV0 GHSOVBYSD7FGE7T097W0FJIHVDS797537502375829572350873256Y3-673257 375027532975329057239573267325723080762307523075-302752307 235723-5732-057320-7523-075230-75763275-23 *INCOMING MESSEGE* unknown personal We talk once again my friend. I've been watching you fight, I hope this ammo will help you kill more aliens. I'm getting closer to your location. I see you have met my S'pht. I'm traveling with them back to their home world. I think I might bring you along. It would be so nice to have yet another human who could help with the cause. Speaking of humans I Do believe there are humans on that ship your on! Why don't I recruit of them to my army?

We'll talk more latter. That AI that your helping is trying to track me on this terminal. We can't have that now can we? I think I will get rid of that bothersome AI. I see there is more than one AI aboard that destroying ship that your on. IT'S A LOST CAUSE, THE SHIP WILL FAIL. The Pfhor, the ones your are fighting, know what happened on the Marathon. They won't fail this time. Hes almost gotten me, lets send a little bug to him. Gotta go. ******** *CONNECTION LOST* *END MESSEGE*

terminal 2


*INCOMING MESSEGE* AI Jeff You haven't cleared the area yet. Return when all hostiles have been elimanated. *END MESSEGE*


*INCOMING MESSEGE* AI Jeff Good job! You've rescued enough hostages to give a good report about these aliens. There seems to be a problem. I'll tell more infomation when you arrive. *END MESSEGE*