6: Barney's House

terminal 0


CHAPTER 4 As you climb up the ladder you find a funny thing that looks like a flying cat fish. It does not attack you like the other things in this pyramind. It looks a bit playful and it looks like it could use a friend. You befriend the cat fish thing and follow it to it's tribe. You arrive at the tribe area and let your friend do the talking. It finally tells you that they are under control of an evil demon below the temple. If the demon were to die they would be free to leave the temple and go to where they belong. As you ready to leave your friend gives you a potion which makes you stronger. It also tells you that all of it's kind will be an ally to you. Your friend also tells you that their brother nightmare is hostile to all. Their attack is guided. You finally leave and head down the secert passegeway that takes you futher down the pyramind and lets you avoid more monsters.

Finally reaching the end of the passegeway you open the secert door and start heading further down the pyramind again. END CHAPTER 4

<teleport to polygon 3>