0: Delta Security Invasion

terminal 0


Login Successful: #DSD-HQ%20M2476

Greetings Rookie(s).... Welcome aboard DSD-HQ M2476, Starboard Systems® small-scale tactical assault craft, currently being used for security operations in the Ter-Mage galaxy. Although this is technically a "civillian" operation you know full well what is required of our security officers, disregard to personnel and/or mutiny will NOT be tolerated. That being said it's 07:00 hours and time for the briefing on your first mission....

On the colony down below the Water Filtration unit has broken down yet again. We would just send the repair men to fix it and be on our merry way but the colonists are convinced that some "extra-terrestrial force" is causing the problem. Reports indicate that it may be some Pfhor-species alien. Why they would be in this galaxy I haven't the slightest but just to be on the safe side..... You'll find some munitions for your sidearm before you go, I doubt you'll need it. Just run around, flip some switches, and fix the water filtration manifold then we get out of here...

<checkpoint 0>

When you're ready to begin, report to the transport room. Scottie has your cordinates for insertion. <Transport Room Here...>

Also be warned all this talk about aliens has put the local militia on full-alert. Needless to say, don't go around firing at them, they're a little trigger happy... :) One of those mass-hysteria things you know? Have Fun, [Phoebus out]

Logoff Successful: #DSD-HQ%20M2476