4: Reminds me of a Hoover

terminal 0


You still haven't deactivated all the teleportation shields encasing the BOBs! You must do this before we can leave!

<teleport to polygon 153>


Now that the BOBs are free and the Pfhor defeated, we can leave.

<teleport to polygon 941>

terminal 1


I thought it might be better to give you some time to adapt to an environment without oxygen this time since I understand that your last vacuum experience wasn't much fun. So, this time I placed you here where the oxygen is only 1% of the air and the barometric pressure is 77 kilopascals. Before I send you off, I'll give you full oxygen, so no need to worry about that. I hope you appreciate my efforts. However, you won't be entering vacuum this time, only a low pressure, oxygen-less environment.

Your destination is a U.E.S.C station which has been taken over by the Pfhor and is now used as a prisoner transfer facility. Thankfully, the Pfhor haven't changed the layout much, so you will have a far easier time navigating it than you would a normal Pfhor outpost. However, the Pfhor removed all but eight escape pods, which are reserved for the eight enforcers controlling the station. They oversee all operations on the station. Your goal is to disable the protective shielding around the BOBs' confinement rooms so I can use your beacon to teleport them out.

This is a rough floor plan for the first deck of the station. Unfortunately, the radiation has been inhibiting our sensors, so the resolution is quite low. I will teleport you in near the "bottom" of the reactor core, where you will be undetected and unlikely to encounter any Pfhor troops. Your goal on this floor is to make it to the switch rooms, which will give you full access to the rest of floors one and two. These are the controlling toggles of the station, so expect to find some of the enforcers there. If you don't flip the switches, you may run into obstacles later. The only pattern buffer and recharger are at the "bottom" of the power core, so balance time fighting and powering up.

Here is the second deck's layout, in clearer detail since the radiation levels are lower here. The only important things on this floor are the four cells holding the humans. Unfortunately, the oxygen in their rooms is sealed in so you can't catch a breather in there. Freeing the prisoners should be as easy as flipping a switch to deactivate the shielding surrounding them. Hopefully, getting to their cells won't be difficult either.

This is the third and top deck of the station, your final destination. Your goal here is to gain access to the "top" of the reactor core. When there, you should be able to destroy the breaker circuitry, resulting in a forced shutdown of the core and activation of emergency power. Once the station is low on power, I can destroy it easily. Getting there will probably require making your way to the switch rooms and opening several doors. Additionally, you'll need to jump from the top of the stairs to a space above the elevators to reach switches which open the passages to the reactor. After you destroy the circuitry, the escape pods will become active and you should get in one as quickly as possible.

As soon as you have made your escape, I will teleport you back to our ship. Just remember, you need to free all of the BOBs before destroying the circuitry. Otherwise, I will send you back to free them. Also, the low-level radiation permeating the lower areas should disrupt the station's shielding enough for me to occaisonally teleport you additional oxygen, shield boosts, and ammunition. I'll try to keep oxygen in excess supply, but don't take it for granted by any means. Oh, and since I will make a quick attack on the base in order to disrupt their communications structure, some systems may not be working, forcing you to find a way around them.

<teleport to polygon 937>

terminal 2


It is saddening to see an old UESC outpost turned into a Pfhor-owned battleground like that. However, I felt no remorse in destroying the station right before going to FTL. It means one less Pfhor stronghold. Hold on, we're not through picking up BOBs yet...