6: Light at the End of the Tunnel-

terminal 0


Welcome to the most secure outworld prison facility in the Pfhor empire. This building just had its main security field disabled by you, and the Pfhor are not happy at all. As soon as the primary shielding went down, most of the normal troops were teleported out and replaced with their much stronger counterparts. Freeing the humans here will not be an easy task. However, it is necessary in order to complete our militia.

Travel between sections here will be most difficult since the building is at its securest. Fortunately, like all Pfhor bases, you should still be able to find your way around through failsafes. If this prison follows standard protocol, you should be able to go from section to section through a teleporter system. According to Pfhor guidelines the left teleporter in each pair will take you to another wing. The right will simply take you to a specified central location. Once you enter a new wing, you should be able to get around by throwing switches. I'll continually send down more pistol and assault rifle ammunition, but everything else is in short supply.

terminal 1


<tag 6>

It appears that this facility is more difficult to navigate than we had hoped. However, I've managed to tap into some of the command protocols thanks to this Pfhor ship of ours. I think I managed to open a few doors for you. Hopefully, this will allow you to continue your mission. Also, the S'pht nearly have another weapon ready for your use. You might just need it.

terminal 2


<Pfhor Translation Active> The security field is offline for unknown reasons. In accordance with protocol #7347, special forces unit #373G will take control of this installation and current troops on duty must leave at once by teleportation. Failure to comply will result in execution. <END Translation>

terminal 3


<tag 7>

I hope you like this new toy. The S'pht had heard of this missile launcher weapon and coupled their knowledge with some Pfhor reports I had on the subject to create this weapon. Hopefully it will live up to our expectations. Oh, and I've managed to open up a teleporter to the last prisoner section of this section, which is deep underground. The teleporter should be near the doorway behind you.

terminal 4


You still haven't freed all the humans which are down there. You've been in every area, you just need to get close enough to them form me to lock on and teleport them out!


Sorry about all the effort that took. However, the benefits from today were well the trouble, as we now have enough armed humans to begin striking at the heart of the Pfhor empire. You will be there with us during our battles. However, it's time for you to enter stasis.

1023 poly max

terminal 5


Oh my gosh! 53KR17 mb!


Well it sure is nice to see that at least someone made it to the end of this scenario and found the secret. I'd just like to say thanks for downloading this, and I hope you found it enjoyable. Please e-mail me with any comments or questions you have about it. -Scott Noblitt

terminal 6


<Pfhor Translation Active> The (┬┐cyborg?) intruder must be stopped at all costs. Failure to stop this (┬┐cyborg?) will result in termination. <END Translation>