8: Toxic Cleanup

terminal 0


*** URGENT INTEL *** You have reached the Pfhor base of operations in their main hall. Your mission is simple: activate all 3 switches on this base. Activating all switches will enable you to set the core overload condition to enabled. Once enabled you can initiate the overload from this terminal.

NOTE: Once started, the overload cannot be stopped. It will set off a nuclear explosion right after you teleport out, destroying the Pfhor base and eradicating their ability to wage war. Our hope is that they will surrender to avoid more nuclear attacks by our forces.

*** URGENT INTEL *** This is the big one Trooper. Don't FAIL us. The destruction of this base will restore balance in all 4 quadrants enabling us to overwhelm the Pfhor and return peace to the galaxy. Return to this terminal to teleport out. The Pfhor will throw everything they can at you. After all, this is their base of operations. So please watch your back and be careful. Good luck. We know you can complete this mission.


Stand by...activating core overload. After years at war, we have finally done it with your help Trooper! The Pfhor are defeated! Now, the galaxy can breathe a giant collective sigh of relief! Thank you for your hard work and sacrifice. It will never be forgotten. **** INCOMING TRANSMISSION: ***** Facing nuclear destruction, the Pfhor agree to unconditional surrender. The war is over. Go home to your family and celebrate in peace.

terminal 1


Trooper, you have not activated all 3 switches on this base. You must do this to initiate a core overload condition.

Once you have activated all the switches, return to this terminal for additional instructions.


Trooper, you have set the overload condition! To initiate the core overload, return to the other terminal in the main hall to teleport out and complete the activation. There is a teleport area behind this terminal. It will take you back to the main terminal. Good luck!