0: The Most Important Decision

terminal 0


KILL THEM ALL A self-important exercise in wankery and poor decisions 4TH EDITION

This is Kill Them All IV! You know the drill by now: each level is filled (and then overfilled) with monsters for you to kill. Your mission is to slay every single enemy, and then proceed to the exit teleporter. The teleporter won't activate until each enemy is killed, so make sure you're thorough and kill everyone before moving on. Between each level, you will lose all of your weapons and ammo, and your health will be reset to basically zero. Therefore, there's no purpose to hoarding your supplies -- go all-out on every stage! And don't be a wimp! Play on Total Carnage. You've played Marathon long enough not to, seriously.

KTA4 is a compilation of levels from previous editions, as well as many brand-new levels, for a grand total of 52 stages covering a very broad spectrum of difficulty. Because of this, the compilation has been broken down into six chapters, and this level is the hub. Read the terminal to your right to begin at the first chapter, or explore the area to find the other five. (Thinking, in my KTA? It's more likely than you think!)

terminal 1


CHAPTER II Chapter 1 was just the warm-up round; now things are starting to get serious. But, you know, not that serious. This is still for people that aren't looking to work that hard. LEVEL NAME AUTHOR ED. Spirit of a Sponge Drictelt II Blunder Hill Shadowbreaker I Guns of Avalon Drictelt III Take Cover Brilliant IV King of the Mountain RyokoTK I Like 10th Grade Kinetic Turtle I Real Social Skills Screamingfool I Poppy Seed $lave III The Limacon Herbert West IV Step into the adjacent portal to begin.

terminal 2


CHAPTER III Oh, you wanted something a little more rigorous? Well, you came to the right place. Chapter 3 will begin to test your skills. LEVEL NAME AUTHOR ED. Babylon Basics Screamingfool I It's us two against the Mafia VikingBoyBilly IV Guerrilla Radio RyokoTK IV Paratroopers Shadowbreaker III El Aparecido Screamingfool I Ascent Turma IV Emerald City Citizens Kinetic Turtle I Probed Irons I Another Mediocre Solomap RyokoTK IV Step into the adjacent portal to begin.

terminal 3


CHAPTER IV Now things are really getting tough. Gird your loins, buddy. LEVEL NAME AUTHOR ED. Supermassive Black Hole RyokoTK I Distorting a Code Screamingfool III The Mind-Killer RyokoTK III Bola Soup $lave IV Blind Paper Dragon Screamingfool II A Warlike Feel RyokoTK II Polygons, Platforms, and Duct Tape Destiny IV The Scythe RyokoTK I As Embers Dress the Sky JohannesG III Step into the adjacent portal to begin.

terminal 4


CHAPTER V It wasn't enough? Chapter 5 is a serious challenge. You probably aren't ready for this. The second chapter might be a better fit for you, loser. LEVEL NAME AUTHOR ED. Battleaxe RyokoTK III Minutiae Rising Screamingfool II Neptunia RyokoTK I City of Daggers Screamingfool II Dancing Lights Herbert West IV To Protect and Serve Treellama III Hunters Should Howl Hunter86 II San Sebastian RyokoTK II If I Had a KTA, I'd Make Somebody Pay Screamingfool II Step into the adjacent portal to begin.

terminal 5


CHAPTER VI Don't play this chapter. It's too hard for you. You will not succeed. LEVEL NAME AUTHOR ED. Zimbabwe XXVI Kinetic Turtle I Purple Haze Herbert West IV The Upward March Screamingfool I Clean Up Duty Shadowbreaker III Sweating Bullets RyokoTK II Treason Trigger Screamingfool I The Final Sacrifice RyokoTK IV If you're ready... you know what to do.

terminal 6


CHAPTER I The first chapter begins with some easy stages for you to sharpen your teeth. Some people may need a few more playthroughs than others. Don't look down on them too much, I guess. LEVEL NAME AUTHOR ED. Tigger's Reason Kinetic Turtle I Do It Brilliant IV We Invented Fire Shadowbreaker II Souvlaki $lave IV Victoria RyokoTK IV Pagoda Panic Pfheil III Champagne Bath RyokoTK III An Open Mind Drictelt II Power Word Kill RyokoTK IV To begin, step into the portal behind you.