0: Annihilate

terminal 0



I am Sectar, New overseer of Earth. I need your help! Your old master Jebbadya is dead and he gave me the command code to re-animate you. A lot has happened in your sleep. Your race is dead and you are the only one left. You are the last of the great INTERCEPTORS. You were put to sleep after you helped Jebbadya defeat the Intrepids. You and your mates had a glorious party before all of you where put away. Tagger, Trixxie, and your brother Linx all failed to defeat our new enemy, The X-Clan. All others have failed and it is now up to you. As of Jebbadya's death. Complete the task at hand and you will receive the full story and a freedom request from me. You will no longer have to live your life as a warrior, you can retire. Failure to cooperate will result in your termination.

I have seen the future and it isn't pleasant. You see, I can sometimes see the future and my visions are disturbing and you must change the tide. Fail and not only will you suffer, but Earth will be one of heartache and pain. The X-Clan has become powerful with their new leader, Zorak. Zorak has taken control over key sectors which need to be taken back. You are located on a cruiserships called the Platoe. We do not need this small cruisership, but I want them to know of your presence. Also I want them to know that I saved the best for last. No true orders to follow here, just make your presence known. After you do what you do best find another terminal in the X section of the ship. Once you contact me I will send overtakers and you will go to our next agenda. Oh by the way. Kill Everything!


terminal 1



I knew that you wouldn't disappoint me. Your girl Trixxie dead here, she annihilated many, but got cornered and there was nothing that she could do but die honorably. You've avenged her death well. Enough of that sentimental crap! Your presence is known and I know that Zorak will beef up security on all of his sectors. I am going to send you to the planet Cabar. There is information on a chip that I need. I do believe that I can teleport you to a terminal where I'll give you more information.