0: Keenan's Keep

terminal 0


<checkpoint 0>

This is the Pfhor's Photo-Ion production facility. Your objective here is simple...exterminate as many workers as possible to disable their production. You will also find many assimilated humans that the Pfhor are utilizing as slave labor, and as you will see, this relates directly to your overall mission. After bringing the Pfhor's infrastructure to a halt, you will proceed to the main internment camp to liberate your fellow humans. During your exploits, you will need to locate the switch shown here to gain access to the next terminal for teleportation. Good Luck!

terminal 1


Production of Photo-Ions has come to a halt...good job! I will teleport you from here to the Pfhor's hydroponics facility, you've made great progress but your main objective has yet to be realized. Hang on!