2: Home Free-

terminal 0


Alright, here's the plan. There are Destroyable panels located all over the ship. Some are for the general ship controls, and some are security computers. What I need you to do is go and blow up the security computers. Try to stay away from the general control panels as much as possible. While you are doing this, I'm going to provide cover for you and try to wipe out as many Salies as I can. I've uploaded a virus on this terminal that will recognize when all the security computers are destroyed, and will travel directly to the mainframe on thier homeworld. What the virus will do is wipe out the Saliusian memory core, making them immoble. The virus will be destroyed in a short time (close to an hour), by repair systems, making the Salies come back to "life". I've sent one of the last two Cascadian warships to the Saliusian homeworld, to beam down and destroy the mainframe when the virus is uploaded. Come back here when you've destroyed ALL of the security computers.

Lets go kick some ass!


[Incoming recorded message from Getta Jay] If you are reading this then the virus worked! I will inform your government (what's left of it) of the victory against the Saliusians. I will beam you to your homeworld now, you look like you need a little rest. Later Man. [End recorded message from Getta Jay]

terminal 1


Warning Warning Warning Warning Warning Intuders detected aboard ship. Red alert all stations. Deploy all security. Send group Alpha Omega 9 to sector 7-G. All other security to search and destroy.

terminal 2


Hey, you found the little secret spot tht nearly everyone has on thier last level to convey some dorky little message. Well, here it goes. I'd like to thank myself because I made this map (I put a lot of time into this by the way). I'd like to thank my cat, "Mr. Pants" because he wakes me up at 5:30 every morning. I'd also like to thank "Sushi", my dog, because she has no hair on her butt and I feel soory for her. And finnaly, I'd like to thank "Logging Conference", "Jenifer Sucks" or whatever Brandt decides to call himself on network games, because he said I couldn't make a map of my own. I hope you like this map and all that good stuff, so have fun and always remember...

"Happiness is two fistfuls of double barreled carnage" -Bungiõê