2: Death of a Spaceman

terminal 0


round 3

Okay, you've done well to get this far, and there's not much left to do now, so go look around, kill what you see, and report back here when you've exterminated the Pfhor and their bumbling cohorts for one final transport, to the exit.



#PICT 10003 My sensors confirm that you have destroyed the last of the Pfhor remaining here underneath the potato fields of Idaho. Now that everything's dead but you, there's no one to stop me from completing my long-planned experiment of the physics of the atoms of two masses occupying the same space. In other words, I'm going to teleport you into the midst of Earth's bedrock. Most atomic physicists claim that if this were to be attempted, it would start a chain reaction of nuclear explosion that could destroy most of our solar system. But I know different. You see, a few years back, I tried it by zapping a discarded soda can into the wall near one of my terminals, and the result was the wormhole/portal that you foolisly wandered into that brought you here.

Soon after that, Pfhor troopers started coming in through the hole, and they took over this secret military base (that's what it is, in case you were wondering) and began using it as a platform to launch their mysterious teleportation raids around the planet. One day they discovered that I caused the portal to make its unexpected appearance, and they disabled all of my mechanical abilities, fearing that I would kill them. Then you entered the picture. Since your mass is so much greater than an aluminum can, I figure that my experiment will turn the entire planet into a black hole that will suck in the entire universe. No explosions, though. Don't worry, it won't hurt for long.

"Burrow down in and Blow up the Outside World"

<teleport to polygon 97>