0: Clocker Transport

terminal 0



-------------<secure-channel>-------------- Hello Interceptor. Feeling a little strung out? Well tough! I am Beyonna! Sectar has made me your new overseer. Don't be fooled by my looks. I expect nothing but respect and admiration from you. I am tough, but fair sometimes. Get yourself together because I need your assistance. The X-Clan is back on the prowl and I have discovered a strange place where Zorak is experimenting on making his army stronger. -------------------------------------------

-------------<secure-channel>-------------- Zorak is trying to make a master warrior to terrorize the galaxy. He is holding several species captive to experiment on their minds and inner powers. Your job is not to destroy any species, but to gather data on a recorder implanted in your eye balls. If you're thinking of pulling them out, don't because once they are severed they will detonate. Boom! Little Interceptor chunks all over the place. As always, you are tagged so we know your every move. Try to escape and you will suffer the consequences. -------------------------------------------

-------------<secure-channel>-------------- Enough of the nasty stuff, back to the mission. You will be in stealth mode at the beginning of your mission, but I can only hide your signature for a short time. -------------------------------------------

-------------<secure-channel>-------------- Remember! NO KILLING! Sectar needs the recordings for counter tactics. After you explore the whole area, report to this terminal and I will get you out of there. Hopefully, in one piece. By the way, Sectar found out about the transmission your brother left you. As we speak our agents are honing in on his location. Once we locate him he will be executed on the spot. Lynx is far too slippery to wait for a public execution, so Sectar signed the papers even before his capture. Do your duty and remember KILL ONE THING and I will terminate you on the spot! -------------------------------------------