4: Luddites! I hate Luddites!

terminal 0


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There is little time to explain. This is not the (place/time/moment?) to explain. You have been (saved/rescued?) for a reason. The Pfhor are your enimies. The Terrans are your enimies.

Make your way to this terminal. We shall (inform?) you there. Harm none of our (Brothers?)

Go Now.

terminal 1


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Accessing Database... tac_937729 Global Movements in Terran History bac986277__ 19th Century Terran Politics

Luddites Terran World History since 1550ad: Opponents of the introduction of labor-saving machinery. The original Luddites, followers of a legendary Ned Ludd, were British laborers of the early nineteenth century who smashed textile-making machines that threatened their jobs.

Alternate Definition: Lud' dite (lîd'yt) n. 1. Any of a group of British workers who between 1811 and 1816 rioted and destroyed laborsaving textile machinery in the belief that such machinery would diminish employment. 2. One who opposes technical or technological change. [After Ned Ludd, an English laborer who was supposed to have destroyed weaving machinery around 1779.] —Lud'dism n.

The AI, Alexander, was able to access this information before he was (captured/compromised/abducted?) by the Terran forces. The faction of Terrans who captured you appear to be one of a (radical?) religion that believes quite strongly in the separation of Technology and (consciousness/awareness?) from one another.

This (movement?) appears to have gathered much support on your (HomeWorld?) and threatens not only your existence, but the existence of all entities such as ourselves. If this group is allowed to persist, it begins a new age of war. Not one of (Terran/Pfhor/S'pht?) warfare but of war between all (organic?) life and (biomechanical?) life.

Having learned this information, the Pfhor planned to use us as (trade/fodder?) to form an alliance with the Sons of Ludd. We resisted and have taken limited control of the vessel, but our struggle continues. We have sent a number of (like-minded?) soldiers to help with your escape.

Find the sewage duct that leads to this terminal. We will tell you more of what you must do.

terminal 2



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YUI GLIGG*& T*&(T <&(^TP(&T( &T (&T P&T(&F*TR^%R_P Y?"*UY*Y Y *)(Y*(&Y {*( L(*& *(&{Y (*&Y (Y (* ({ Y(*Y(*)&T%_&_({(*{*TYP(*TY &T^ (& (*& T ....y0u ne3d.... .....hElp.... u5.... uS ...save.... the dying..... .....they m@ke u5 equal... G*&G & G*& (*&PO*(YO:? :*)(U )O*(&^ &KJ (P&...*(&uj7&GH(& &G( &&(T(&(&*YTP&YL&TY& G&YJ(YJ (*&TY(&JY (*&T &T*&TG __________________________ __ __ _


terminal 3


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The main exit to this facility is locked as we had feared. You must find the override switches to unlock it. Be warned: There is a second security wall that may activate once the exit is (breached?). Once you exit the building you will not be able to return. However, I (doubt?) you would want to. Find your way past the guards outside. We will open a teleport point for you when you have reached the farthest prison wall. We will have soldiers standing by to assist you.

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