3: Isun'fh

terminal 0


#PICT 133 You are now on the planet Isun'fh. Your mission is to find the security computer and open the forcefield! We will come with new troops to help you but now you are on your own. Good luck!



I'm glad you made it. Now that your mission is succesful you can be transported to the planet Yh'for where we already fight againts the Phfors. You must help our troops there.

terminal 1


#PICT 133 Go to the computer central and install this chip in a computer! You will then have an open door to the right. Go there but careful this is the security area. Inside you will find your way to the forcefield-switch. Pull it and our troops will come to help you. See you soon

INFORMATION ABOUT THE FORCEFIELD The forcefield around the base protects the planet surface from invasion. But I managed to teleport you down (LUCKY!). We can invade the planet when you pull the switch. It's in the securitu area(the right of the base).

Please hurry!