0: Merope

terminal 0



Greetings, friend. We are abroad the SS Merope, so named by our human crew. You are in quarters specified for you and you only. The rest of your personal space is off limits to human, S'pht and S'pht'Kr alike, not to mention the Lh'owon fauna and flora. To your left you'll find the exit to the rest of this part of the ship, which covers about one ninth of the whole ship. To your right are the bare necessities of your health, oxygen and energy rechargers. Right behind you there's an exit which leads you to your own personal ammunition room and beyond that there is a room with terminals which take you to different battlefields when the time comes. Enjoy. We are currently examining and evaluating our next target.

terminal 1


Preparing to teleport...

Mission: Clearance Of Hostile Lifeforms Mission Status: Mission Is Active Security Clearance: Security Officers This is where you will land. Map is imposed on a rather poor quality image our probes managed to get within a very limited time frame. You are going through the front door - no need to be a polite guest: the Pfhor won't be polite hosts. Arrival to the scene seems to trigger a teleportation of few Fighters. You - most likely - mow through them as you have done so far. Some humans may join you, but that is up to them. Your ammunition room reflects the fact that none of them may not do so. Nevertheless, use you ammo wisely.


terminal 2


terminal 3