2: Arena

terminal 0



It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood. Unfortunately the neighborhood is a gladiator arena 5 km beneath the surface of a dead planet. There can only be one medalist in these games, a sole survivor. Failure on your part will be a sign of weakness of the human race and will certainly insipre unrelenting attacks on your kind, likely to result in extinction. Right now you are in a ventilation duct high over the arena -- I trust you are not acrophobic. I suggest you take a flying leap...

Happy Trails...

terminal 1


What goes up...

Are you having fun yet? Broken a sweat maybe? Nipping groundless hopes in the bud, I should now mention that the best is yet to come. I can't let you out of here until you are all alone. Reports of idiosyncrasies in the final waves suggest that you make liberal use of the pattern buffer. I would hate for an act of cyber-entropy to spoil your fun. I will either see you back here later, or in Valhalla. The choice is yours.

Happy trails


Medal Ceremony

If you are expecting pomp and circumstance, you lose after all. No glory here, just a brief respite, until I find your next lesson in mortality. Peace...