0: Power Up

terminal 0


HLCS Term. 432277 Incoming Transmission

Welcome GEL 42556, as you're probably wondering, you are a Genetically Engineered Lifeform. A synthetic human created at the ULCS Laboritories. We teleport GELs into problem areas, to save the precious human resource. Less than 5000 of us are left. 15 years ago our home planet, Earth, discovered a comet on a collision course with Earth. Its impact was an extinction level event, it wiped out all life on the planet. The government manufactured a shuttle with room for 1 million people. A malfunction in the launch timer launched the shuttle before even 3000 people were on board. The blast doors automatically closed, leaving all but our precious few sealed outside, fated to a horrible death. The shuttle launched, and travelled on auto-pilot to the newly terraformed Mars, and its colony of less than 100 people. Our population has now grown, but we are still few, and our need is for many. That is where you come in. So on to your first assignment.

Let's start off simple. We have recently had a problem with the automatic and remote control system of one of our pumping stations. All you need to do is find the master control panel and power it up. There should be no resistance on this mission, but there have been many disappearances in your area in the last year. Keep an eye out for trouble. Just in case, we have armed you with a .44 Magnum pistol and 3 ammunition clips, be sparing.

HLCS Term. 432277 Transmission Close