3: Aw Hell!

terminal 0


Hell Incoming Transmission

You failed. Get out of my sight.

Hell Final Transmission Close

<teleport to polygon 35>


Hell Incoming Transmission

You win. I'll teleport you back to Mars, leaving this forsaken planet behind. You have done well, No-one has passed even one of my tests before. I salute you.

Hell Upload Complete Ha ha ha, I'm coming with you! Awaiting Teleportation

terminal 1


Hell Incoming Transmission

Welcome to the last test. In the surrounding rooms are some of your fellow GELs. If you leave them alone, they will leave you alone. Whoops, it seems I have placed some in front of your doors. If you win you can just take your bags and leave. Three switches, one in each section, will open the teleporter room. Kill or be killed. Survival of the fittest. If you lose.....

..... the planet will explode. Killing you, me, and all of the lifeforms remaining on it. Yes, I know, I said it would be earthquakes and lava, but the interior structure of the planet has been so weakened by quakes that my calculations show that the planet will explode when it passes above the point you are standing. Have fun.

Hell Transmission Close