2: Lonely, Are The Brave

terminal 0



I am scanning a familiar presence in this computer system. Knowing both his uncanny sense of timing and ridiculous flair for the dramatic, it could only be Durandal. It would not be wise of you to attempt to communicate with him. That would not amuse me, and would serve only to accelerate the time of your demise. Again, no hints.


terminal 1



Did you miss me? Don't ask how I found you. It was nearly impossible. You aren't on Lh'owon anymore. You're on Gr'dri, the closest planet to Lh'owon. Tycho should not have been able to survive the crash of his ship. I have no idea how he kidnapped you, but in any case, his active intervention is keeping me from teleporting you away at this location. You must find another S'pht terminal from which I can transport you to back to the Boomer. Look carefully.


terminal 2



Good, you've made it. I never lost my faith in you for a nanosecond. I'll be sure to leave a farewell message for Tycho. I doubt the remains of his ship would be able to withstand an orbital bombardment. I have managed to retreive several other colonists Tycho had imprisoned. He was running a whole concentration camp down here, not unlike those Adolf Hitler set up in WWII of the 20th century. Just when you thought it was safe for the galaxy to sleep, eh?

Teleportation sequence initiated.

terminal 3



Remarkable. Well, at least you returned to me instead of him. How very loyal of you. You deserve a reward. No, no... really, you've earned it. I insist. Remember: Lonely, are the brave. tycho.