4: Loviva

terminal 0


I am detecting a very large energy source from behind a nearby door. The fusion core must be behind that door, then. Yes, it must. Naturally the door is locked. If we believed in a god, we would damn it. You must gain entrance into this main chamber, for the fusion core must be there. How? Must I do all the thinking? According to you, you are the smart half. Alright, well, search for some sort of power source and disable it. Yes. We will feed soon.

terminal 1


I have located a power system. Where is it? Look at the picture. Yes, that's what it looks like. Where is it? This network does not offer maps. Guh. Nevertheless, you are near. I imagine resistance will be very heavy in this area. Once you disable the systems in here, you may enter the fusion core. This frustrates us endlessly. No... the end is in sight.

<tag 5>

terminal 2


Ah, the rejuvenating powers of an endless supply of food. Not quite endless, you know. How is it not endless? The point of a cold fusion system is that it never runs out of energy. And you call me the stupid one? You're right, but this fusion isn't cold. What in the world are you talking about? Not every fusion system is a cold fusion system. Yes it is. No, it's totally not. This one isn't self-sustaining. That's wrong, all fusion is self-sustaining. Then why does this fusion reactor feed on energy from the moon's core? You need a starting amount of energy. But this station isn't that new. What do you know? You're full of bugs, you ragged piece of software. How many times did you need to use the pattern buffers to get here?" Without me you would have been totally lost! Without ME, you wouldn't have found your way down here. Sure I would. How? It's not like I pay attention to you anyway. It was a simple matter of trial and error. This argument is getting us nowhere. We're ready to leave. I suppose so. I hope we encounter these soft-bodied meatbags again. They're called 'Pfhor.' Nevertheless, they were easy to defeat. Let's just go. We tire, and are ready for sleep.