1: Still Shaking

terminal 0


T1-30 Anti-Hyper Drive Carrier Status Terminal

RUNNING STATUS CHECK ON CARRIER Main power - C$2OFFLINE Backup power - running 24.342 percent normal WARNING! Hull breach in left wing - Exterior door 1 and 2 refuse to fully open. Air tanks EMPTY!!! End Check. Overall status - UNREPARABLE Faster than light message incoming from UESC board room in New York City... Have a nice trip? My name is Ron "Flip" Cam. I will guide you through your mission aboard Atlantis. By now, you have gotten out of Cryo-stasis and are roaming around your ship. Let's talk about what happened while you were in stasis. Only minuets away from Atlantis on your trillion mile-an-hour trek, You were ambushed by S'pht Warships. The damage they did to your carrier ship is incredible. One more hit and it would have come apart! Anyway, you lost guidance and slammed part of Atlantis. No big deal. But there is a vacume in many parts of both ships now. And that's where you are now. The whole reason we sent you up there is to get the dithlaxium mineral, salvage the trillion dollar ship and return it to mars. With as many survivors as possible. Mission one - You have to seal off the vacume in Atlantis. To do this, there are 4 doors that need closing. Those doors have switches that require ID cards, and we hope there's a room stuffed with 'em. You can only carry one at a time, so you have to come back to that room alot. Close the last door in the Plant Lab first, then the second to the last so you don't lock yourself in. Mission two - There's a man on board Atlantis that was regarded as the one of the smartest humans ever to live. He lived his entire life on Atlantis, and did hundreds of useful medicinal experiments on board. He might have even found a cure for Centosis B. That disease has killed trillions so far. If you can, salvage that information. He might even be still alive. Here's a map of where his last recorded location was. There's also a button near his location. Hit it to seal Atlantis' leaks. Come back here when you're done. Good Luck. Don't scratch her anymore than she is. One more thing. We sent the assult rifle thinking you wouldn't encounter the vacume of space. Sadly, in this vacume, you can't use it. Hold onto it though, you'll need it! Flip out.

Logoff at 576:231:3144 RM 1


Incomming FTL message...

Flip here. Good work! Atlantis is now filling with reserved air. Do you like to look at the stars? I do. I've never been off Earth. I work for the biggest space craft manufacturer in the solar system, and I still can't get off this rock. You're a few trillion miles away, you've seen all kinds of stars close up, haven't you? We were downloading video from your headset. We saw what's become of the professor. Wonder where his journal of notes is? Oh well. You probably want to head outta this maze of tunnels and aliens, so were gonna send you to your next recovery mission. See ya there.

Cruser self-destruct activated

terminal 1


Welcome to Atlantis services

This is the last record of Professor James Thgieso M.D. on Mars Mining ship Atlantis. - Hello. I am James Thgieso, a medial specialist born on Atlantis. When I wrote this, we were 2 weeks away from Resucamdiva, a small planet with an abundance of a rare mineral capable of faster than light transport. A few hours ago, Atlantis came under attack by aliens described as "green with red flaming eyes." I hear the screams of my fellow crew members as they are being slaughtered by this silent foe. I plan to seal myself in an airtight capsule only mear inches away from this terminal. There, I will continue my experiments and develop new medicines and transport my findings back to Mars along with distress calls and updates on the alien invasion. In 4 hours, I will realease a deadly toxin into the ventilation system, killing every life form. By then, the human survivors should be in someplace safe away from the toxin. After that, I will breach the hull. This will stop the invasion. Hopefully. when that's all over, in around 5 weeks, I plan to press a button in my capsule that will repair the hull, and fill Atlantis with fresh air. They're getting close now, I'd better rap this up. To whomever finds this, I wish you the best of luck in retaking the ship, unless the aliens have abandoned it. I know of at least 4 other similar capsules like mine around the ship. If you can, check them out too. Good Ludhj43q1r End text...Error in reading file - memory loss due to power failure.

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