4: Shadow on the Hill

terminal 0


Resucamdiva 4713904504 8980

Our time here is very short. I'm sending info that's being blocked out by the S'pht resident Artificial Intelegence known as Doten. You have three missions here. One, is to disable the Tractor Beam array that is swiftly pulling Atlantis into your location. There should be a few chips to repair in a spiffy room somewhere around here. Second, you have to also disable a satilite orbiting Resucamdiva. This satilite, put there by the S'pht, was used to make the planet's dismal atmosphere more sutible to life forms. It circles the planet so quickly that it creates a second gravitational pull, altering the landscape and displacing life supporting compunds to keep the planet stable. There is a switch in a circular red room. Hit it once to disable the satilite and send it hopelessly spinning out into space. Third, this is the fun part, kill EVERYTHING!!!! We mean it. Stop at nothing. A little about this area: The S'pht took years constructing this hideout in a giant volcano. Many of it's winding paths and tunnels were literally dug out of the rock. Get out there, and as always: Good Luß∂å 821 24__--== <>SHUTDOWN<> Hello young one.9've been wai1693 for you. You probably know who I am, and expect a little resistance from my slave aliens. Don't mess with those bugs!!! Nothing against you personally, but I need a few upgrades that I can only get from these freaks. Took the liberty of uploading this cheerfull picture of the planet's surface. It's too harsh to live outside this mountain, what with all the storms and earthquakes. Someone could die out there! We don't want that now, do we? Just go along with my plans and die.

Laughing is so basic.

terminal 1


What's next, a parade?

How far from home you are. Wondering where Ronnie is? You wont be hearing from that idiot anymore. His space transport to Mars crashed on an asteroid. No survivors! Oh, are you mad? You should thank me! He was the one who took your luxury vacation away. Cheer up. You have alot to live for! Like your death. One last thing, While you've been standing there I downloaded your mind. I can't believe you still use a Macintosh! Those computers are horrible. I hated the fact that the Operating System became standard. They're not worthless you say? Whatever. I'll always remain loyal to good 'ol Bill Gates the third. Wait! Guess what? Here's an incomming SOS call from your friends doomed travel plans- ***Start Message*** This FTL SOS call is for UESC HQ in New York, Earth, Sol- If discovered, send this there immediatly!!!! -1192- Hello. This is the central computer abord Hills 1. Comet Sonee has struck our ship. Life signs of all passengers are at zero or are very low. EST to intercept of Earth is 81.917 years. Due to impossible retrieveal, conduct no rescue mission. If the crew could be here, they would wish love and luck to their families and all the people back on Earth. ***End Message*** Eww. That must have been messy. Poor saps. Back to work, slave.

No need to send money now!

terminal 2


What are you doing?

Target for Class B Tractor Beam lost. Enter Command- Locate space transport used by local inteligence ***Searching*** Target found. System Class Star Cruser used by species S'pht. Enter Command- Activate Class A Tractor Beam ***Warming Beakons*** ***Starting Beam*** Status- *S'pht Star Cruser is approx. 9,293 Miles from current location, 9,291 Miles from Beam Satilite. *EST to planet is 9 hours. Ship's speed is 1,021mph ***WARNING*** You have choosen Class A Tractor Beam. This is the highest setting with the current technology. There will be NO way to slow the ship if beam is turned off and no one is on board. ***Incomplete transfer - Local AI has taken control of terminal. Tractor beam is off.*** So. You thought you'd have a little fun. Happy? I needed those stupid bugs to keep power flowing to my server. Now, thanks to you, the rest of their conony is on a crash course with your head. I tried to warn you, "Don't mess with the bugs," I said. Are we listening YET? Luckily for you, the impact wont kill off too many wariors on board. Then they should be ready to do away with you. But not after they disperse around Atlantis. Say, you should get back there to see the fireworks from above. You may have shut down the beam, but Atlantis is still speeding toward that trillion dollar dish 2 miles away. ***Activating Teleport 3512-124@CCS1

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