5: Time Tricks

terminal 0


I grow tired of you.

Well, it was a fun existance, wasn't it? You've plundered millions of aliens, saved world after world, and is well over 200 years old! How does he do it? We won't have time to find out. Since the S'pht have stopped their ship from crashing into this planet, they have sent countless warriors to aid in your death. Some fight with others, only because they have gone bonkers in space. One final mission for you- set the self destruction code to destroy this planet. There are 5 chips around the playing field, and 5 chip buttons in the lobby. Order dosen't matter. I want to see blood! So I have placed many weapons in the lobby for you to toy around with. Come back here when you have set the chips. Have fun, kiddies!

Godzilla wasn't this messy.


Welcome back!

Welp, you scared the aliens off the planet. Congrats! This is an external picture of a pod leaving Docking Bay 15B.

Just thought you'd like to see what Resucamdiva REALLY looks like. Nice, and blue. And you helped destroy it. Well, what do ya know. Here's an incomming message from the bugs! I'll translate it for you. <Leaving Atmosphere> Doten, may you rot in your grave on that world. Your memory circuts have been limited to the next terminal entry as of 25.471/13 in 3 cycles. Oh, one last thing, you Durandal wanna-be: We're taking the human with us. I know you'll love that. Good bye, Doten. ***END MESSAGE*** NO! I will not be played around with like this! I will get you, human! This is not over yet!!!

Planetary self-destruction in 1 Click.

terminal 1


Rats! You found me!

Well, you have just about completed Marathon:Atlantis Gold. Now, We'd like to show you who makes all this come together... Again. Here are some of the people who made Atlantis and this new version possible. Here's a graphical representation of Adam "Rabbit" Rose. He's the main guy. He made most of the levels, terminal graphics, and terminal texts. Learn more about him in the text file included with this wounderful scenario!!

Here are some of the very talented Wiazrds at a chat world known as Mac-Bryce. The full list of them are : Hal, the main god, Spamboy - General Manager, Khar2oon - Assistant God, CivMan, Ragnarok, ZigĀ©, and Alissa. Mac-Bryce is a Virtual World where internet users can come on and chat. It uses a program called Palace, which you can download at http://www.thepalace.com . once you have palace on your hard drive, open it up, and connect to Mac-Bryce at mac-bryce.lag.com Port 9998. Sadly, all of the graphics provided by them were cut out of Atlantis Gold. We'd still like to thank them for putting up with the design team through all this.

Here are other graphical representations that helped: Bubba Gump- Manager of Advertizing, Beta Dan, and countless others also on Palace. Also, Some special map designers somewhere out there: Brain Seay, Object placement and advanced features, and designer Shane M. You can reach these two at E-mail addys also in the included Text file. Ryan "Fox" Rose provided the new net level, Fire Dome. Play it. Fun. 'Nuff said.

Now, for the secret part of this game. The only secret stuff is the names of all the different characters in this game- Ron "Flip" Cam - Literally flip cam : Mac (Short for Macintosh) James Thgieso M.D - The doctor on the second level : flip Thgieso - oseight (Short for Mac OS 8) Resucamdiva - The Planet - You guessed it, flip it : Avidmacuser or, Avid Mac User. Doten - Resident Artificial Intelligence - This one's harder : switch the letters - Tendo. add nin to the beginning - Nintendo. Hey, I needed a name. Well, you should go back to the game to finish, so I'll let ya go. Have fun playing, and we hope you liked this scenario!

Thanks to you all!