0: Dead Rabbits Tell No Tales

terminal 0


IF YOU HAVE NOT ACCESSED THE COMM. TERMINAL ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THIS BULKHEAD, PLEASE DO SO BEFORE PROCEEDING... Here is a layout of the UESC Belvidere, Deck 3. Go to the ARMORY first. There you will find ammunition and the switch (1) to unlock the security door (2) to the Teleporter Room. When you reach the Teleporter Room, access the Comm. Terminal. I will teleport you into the central courtyard of the Pfhor research station.

This is a false color schematic of the Pfhor research station. Sorry about the low resolution -- the Pfhor have shielding generators that interfere with our satellite scans. I will teleport you into area A. We believe the BOBs have been taken to a detention block that is accessible through a teleporter pad at area B. Areas C and D are where we believe the Phor store the chips necessary to access area B. Please move quickly, I have detected two Pfhor wAsP-Class troop transports boring into the hull on this deck. I am also afraid the bridge has sealed off deck 3, so you are on your own. Good Luck, You Local Friendly AI, Laramour

terminal 1


#PICT 131 Hello space marine, I am Laramour, your Local Friendly AI of the UESC Belvidere. I am sure you are wondering why I have so abruptly revived you from hypersleep, so here is the situation: You have been in hypersleep for 451 years. An aggressive, multi-species star empire called the Pfhor were sacked by the rogue AI Durandal and friends 443 years ago. Since this time, the Pfhor and Humans have nervously co-existed, often sharing the same worlds. The UESC Belvidere is orbiting one of those worlds now -- Asimov Prime.

6 months ago, we lost contact with the BOB colony on Asimov Prime. Subsequently, robot probes discovered that the entire BOB colony has disappeared, while the Pfhor research station on the opposite hemisphere has increased it's power output by 650%. Additionally, Pfhor space traffic in the area has increased substantially. We believe that the BOBs are being used to clone a new generation of "Assimilateds," cyborgs that are indistinguishable from humans, which can be programmed to detonate under very specific circumstances. If these "Assimilateds" reach Earth, they would wreak havoc with the governments there. Your mission is to destroy all the "Assimilateds" and rescue the surviving BOBs. Beware, though, that the Pfhor have enlisted members of an advanced cybernetic alien race known as the S'pht. The S'pht are normally antagonistic towards the Pfhor. However, we have information on several splinter "neo-clans" of S'pht that, for reasons unknown, are helping the Pfhor advance their computer technology. The probes recently detected evidence of S'pht activity in the Pfhor research station. What you see around you is the remains of the original BOB team you were to lead to the surface of Asimov Prime, all killed in hypersleep when a Pfhor strike team broke onto this deck and cut their power. Fortunately, as the leader, you were on a separate power grid. Also, when they bored through the hull, the Pfhor depressurized the entire deck. Keep close watch on your oxygen level. On the opposite side of this bulkhead there is a terminal with schematics of the UESC Belvidere and the Pfhor research station on Asimov Prime. Please review them. Your Local Friendly AI, Laramour

terminal 2


I will teleport heavier weaponry down with you, and continue supplying you with ammunition as long as I can. The Pfhor have just captured the bridge. Preparing for transport -- hold on and GOOD LUCK! We might meet again... Your Local (probably) Doomed AI, Laramour