1: You Can't Tell One Bull From Another Without a Program

terminal 0


TRANSLATOR ACTIVATED... Diagram of a human "BOB" -- to be reconstituted "rebuilt?" assimilated "cyborg?" incoming Transmission pfhor continue manufacture assimilated new version - indistinguishable from human "BOB" to infiltrate "BOB" homeworld TERRA support pfhor rebuild --"invasion?" -- of TERRA SOL.

terminal 1


TRANSLATOR ACTIVATED... human "teleported?" courtyard -- located central "control?" here...TRACKING Respond immediately -- destroy human "strike?" unit control orbiting ship

TRANSLATOR ACTIVATED... tracking human to "current? this?" location in section ^%$#??? Coordinate response -- do not capture -- "destroy? kill?"

terminal 2


Hello again...what took you so long? I have hijacked a Pfhor comm. frequency to pipe this message into this terminal. The Pfhor have captured the bridge and 6 decks of the Belvidere. We seem to be slowly beating them back, thanks to the destruction you have been causing on the surface. They are quite aware of your presence, and are teleporting heavy reinforcements into the central detention block. That is where I believe most of the BOBs are. Sorry I do not have a schematic, it is too deep underground for our probes to scan. I am going to teleport you there now...expect very heavy resistance. See you soon, Laramour - your local very stressed out AI.