0: juvenalia

terminal 0


Jeeves here, Sir

Oh dear. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Sir, I have to report a most unfortunate occurence- and one which requires your immediate attention. A japester, some mischief-making malefactor, a ne'er-do-well of quite monstrous proportions, has saboutaged the target drones in the shooting gallery on deck 578. These once innocent and dutiful gadgets, so happy with their lot in the grand scheme of things, have been re-programmed. Their very essence, their riason d'etre has been irrevocably altered. Where once they were content to fly hither and thither whilst the fee paying public took pot-shots at them, these drones have now taken to firing back. It would appear that The Company, following its own inscrutable logic, used drones salvaged from a disreputable army surplus dump. The target drones it bought, in good faith I am quite sure, are nothing more than combat droids with re-programmed logic boards. Someone has discovered this, and re-installed the original command sets. I fear the hunted have become the hunters. I have sealed off deck 578, and the drones appear to be happy roaming around the shooting gallery in packs. However, we must re-take this leisure facility in time for the annual small-bore target finals which are booked for tonight. Only you can neutralise the wayward drones. In addition to the drones you will also find that a number of the target dummies, which are found suspended above some of the shooting lanes, have been booby-trapped. You must eradicate all traces of these targets.They have already claimed the life of one expert markswoman who was demonstrating a range of highly entertaining stunt-shooting exercises to a group of octogenarian English tourists. (The said tourists are still unaware that anything was untoward, thinking that perhaps the final flourish of dismemberment was just part of what had been a truely riveting displsy. But I digress). The teleporters on this level will not take you to deck 578, so I'll transport you there now myself. Once inside, you are on your own. Bon voyage, Sir.