1: shooting gallery

terminal 0


Jeeves here, Sir

I regret to say, sir, that there appear to be a couple more rogue targets in the shooting gallery. Can I impress upon you once again the urgency of the situation, and bid that you thoroughly clean up after the mischievous imp who perpetrated this frightful crime? Ever your faithful servant, Sir.



Jeeves here, Sir.

The day's calamatous and ill-fated start has now taken a darker, more sinister turn for the worst I'm afraid to say, Sir. The juvenile prankster responsible for the carnage in the shooting gallery has struck once more, and this time the rotten scoundrel has gone too far. I fear my usual composure, and the delicate joie de vivre I try to bring to all that I do, is in severest danger of crumbling. The swimming baths on deck 579, just above your present location, are infested with utterly grotesque monsters whose only purpose in life appears to be to eat human bathers and spew forth vulgar odours. Half of the Mother's Union synchronised swimming team has already been lost to the marauding demons, and I fear their hopes of a pan-galactic tour are now in question. These monsters appear to have been brought aboard in small plastic containers. They are, so I have been reliably informed, the latest craze to sweep some of the giddier parts of the galaxy. Just add water to their tiny, dessicated forms and,voila, instant marauders. Our fiendish delinquent merry-maker is obviously hell-bent on causing chaos aboard the Dragonfly. I have activated the security cameras on all decks, at the insistence of The Company, and will be monitoring all suspicious activity. I'm going to teleport you directly into the Lido on deck 579; I will also try and send weapons to aid your endeavours. There's a communication port in the main bathing area, please make your way there for further information.