0: Lovely to see you again

terminal 0


< Transmission Link Engaged>

Greetings my friend.You were reactivated at 09:34:06:76 ATL. You took quite a beating, after nearly five months of reconstruction, you are again fully functional. Much has changed since your last mission and again The Collective is in need of your...er...talents. Due to your successful routing of our enemy, the Pfhor have scattered throughout the galaxy. No longer united, they've split into warring factions. Each group wanting to defeat the other and become the rulers of their now broken empire. General K'Fal and his troops have established a base. You must prevent his rise to power.

I am BIG EYE, your emissary to The Collective. Because of the extensive damage you sustained, it was necessary to replace circuitry within your memory paths. Before you're allowed to proceed, we want to be sure you'll be able to..."think on your feet". Here is the situation. This is a test. There are no hostile lifeforms here. You are running out of air. You must find a way out of this room and locate an oxygen outlet, or you will die.

You will also be required to find this control panel. Or you cannot leave the testing complex. What are you waiting for?

< End Transmission>


<Tranmission Link engaged>

Very impressive. We are now assured you're ready for the job at hand. You will be strategically placed inside the current headquarters of the infamous General K'Fal ****PREPARE TO JUMP****

<Trasmission Link Closed>