1: Quib the real

terminal 0


<Data Link Override>

You're now in the heart of the Pfhor's complex. Actually, it was our base until recently, after building a new facility, this one was abandoned. K'Fal and company haven't been here long enough to make any substantial changes. However, there are thing's you should be aware of.

A support team will beem in shortly. Untill they arrive...you'll be solo. I'll provide you with ammunition at these locations. Fusion security forces will assist you when needed. These key control switches will allow you access to other parts of the complex. Also, there is an underground area that must be explored.

These switches must be activated to proceed though holding area 4-B make sure you lower the water level before you leave this area. As far as I know,these floor plans have been unaltered, however, thing's may have been rearranged. The Pfhor like to hide thing's, be on the lookout for hidden rooms.

<Transmission Link Disengaged>

terminal 1


<Data Transmission Engaged>

You have not completed your mission.

<Data Link Disengaged>

<teleport to polygon 150>


<Data Transmission Engaged>

You have done well. A new problem has arisen. The Black Pfhor have infiltrated our production foundry. The bulk of the metal used is for the production of weapons and defense units. The foundry is very old and dates back to the twentieth centery.

You will appear somewhere in this area. Disable the force field to gain access to the lower levels of the complex.

You are to locate and recover a stolen data disk. Beware! It's our belief this disk is being used as bait to trap you. Use caution.

<Data Link Disengaged>

terminal 2


<Data Link engaged>

Stand by for additional information...

We have successfully modified these basic defense units to help you when needed. With their beefed up fire power and increased tactical database, these little babies pack a punch.

The larger P7000 Defense Unit. Now at your disposal. We have control though ultra-high frequency transmissions. K'Fal's troops are in for a big surprize!

<Tranmission Link Disengaged>