5: I Have No Floppy Drive!

terminal 0


I'll miss you guys.

TO TEAM 7 TANGO Get ready. This arena has been cleared of bots by the 2 surviving teams, who have already left to be with their familes before we all die. What a sack of sissies. I ain't got none on the Tango team, right? This picture shows the central core of Rose's Artificial Intelligence. three stations register everything from emotion to yesterday's sports scores. The pillars represent the three forms of Inelligence: Life, Technology, and Dimentional factors such as movement, time, and exsistance. Plug a chip into all three of them to shut her down for good. It should fuse her circuts and send her falling into the Pacific. Good luck, and always look up. END

Bust it up.


Ya did it! Knew you could

TO TEAM 7 TANGO She sailed right into the Pacific. Spectacular. The video is incredible. Her anti-gravity thrusters shut off right over Rose Island in the Pacific, and when you guys lighted up her inteligence, she flipped into the sea. What a trip! I guess that'll about do it for you guys, why not come on home. Or, I could just leave ya there. This is Special Opperations Leader Cole, Henry representing the "Rose Cut" mission of 2032. Mission success. ***The Game will now send you to the training mission. Quit to exit the game*** END

Boy, that was quick.