7: Frogs in the vent core

terminal 0


*INCOMING MESSEGE* AI Dinky Why are you following that rampant AI? He isn't stable! I've stopped you from entering vaccum due to the fact that I'm not going to let you help that AI into the computer's mainframe and access all are infomation! If you continue following him I will have to take more measures of stopping you! *END MESSEGE*

*INCOMING MESSEGE* Rogue AI Durandal remote site Damn that paranoid AI! I suppose your wondering why you aren't floating and everything in vaccum. The AI aboard the ship as disrupted my teleporter beam and has taken you into a weapons storage area. Speaking of which you could grap some ammo and a few things. Theres a weapon here you should grap before entering vaccum. It's the called the Tech.50 fusion pistol, it has a normal firing and a charged blast that can activate switchs from afar. Once your ready to leave you'll have to find another terminal to leave this sector. My sensers read that there are no human lifesigns in the area other than yours. I can see from hacked video camras that there are humans. Take caution and get out alive! *END MESSEGE*

terminal 1



BOOTING COMPUTER... COMPUTER BOOTED! LOADING LAST LOG LOG OF DICK MARKSON entry #5 We made it to the weapon storage sector with a cost, we found 14 survivors in the last sector but arrived with 7 left. All of us that is still alive is me, Billy, Traxus, Troy, Jim, Greg, Boomer, Ricky, Johnson, Mac, Don, and Ted. We found that the hulkish aliens don't want to attack us anymore. We saw some survivors come off an alien dropship all wearing green jumpsuits. We saw a surivor in red go up to one of them and the one in green screamed at the top of his lungs and exploded right in his face! He died from that. I think the aliens are taking some of the prisoners and are making them walking time bombs.

entry #6 Boomer and Billy just died from a bizzaro alien with some mounted gun on his shoulder! We finally killed it with one of the fusion pistols we found! We won't be able to survive at this rate of heavy aliens coming in. Even with Robert on are side with won't all make it out of this. We need another U.E.S.C. space craft to come in here to help us out! We're going to have to grap as much ammo as we can hold and head futher upward to delay the dying. entry #7 We've grabbed the last we can carry and are leaving the area just yesterday Ricky died from some wasp that shot some kind of posion at him. We're all worried we're gonna die on this bucket of bolts. We were all told by the U.E.S.C. that we were ordered to come aboard and research this dead planet! Theres nothing on this planet! Traxus thinks that we were set up to come here.


terminal 2


*INCOMING MESSEGE* Rogue AI Durandal remote site You sure your ready to leave?

*INCOMING MESSEGE* Rogue AI Durandal remote site You sure your ready to leave? Good! Lets get going! I thought you'd like to see this messege your good friend tried to send you.

*RECORDED MESSEGE RECEIVED* AI Psycho I am very disapointed that you left the ship. You realise that I will continue to hunt you down until you're dead body is floating in the cold vaccum! I WILL GET YOU DAVE AND YOU WILL NEVER SEE YOUR HOME AGAIN! THIS IS A PROMISE TO YOU! unable to do requested command. please make this a live messege to do your request. *END OF MESSEGE*

Well I believe that we both agree that Psycho should find a hobby that doesn't have killing in it. Get ready to enter vaccum! READING TELEPAD... TELEPAD READY! PREPARE TO TELEPORT! WARNING YOU ARE ENTERING A VACCUM ENABLED AREA! ENTER ON YOUR OWN RISK! PREPARE TO TELEPORT!