0: The beginning of an adventure

terminal 0


Chapter 1 The beginning of an adventure 7/5/2010 Your name is Dave. You started this adventure when you visted the museum of history. The director of the museum was asking for volunteers to go on an expendition. Nobody else volunteered. You were the only one who volunteer for it. 7/6/2010 You travel from an airplane to Africa where the pyramind is. Gathering supplies you then take a truck to the pyramind. You finally arrive at 10:00 P.M. at the pyramind. There are many abandoned huts near the pyramind. The locals in the town told you not to go anywhere near the pyramind. Once you've set up camp it's already 11:00 P.M. You decide to head into the pyramind to give it a check.

7/7/2010 MIDNIGHT The pyramind door closes behind with no signs of opening! Looking for a secert switch theres no signs that it will open for quiet a bit. Since your in the pyramind you decide to look around. This is where yoour adventure begins! You hear a near by growl from something not normal. You decide to put your hand on your trusty surival knife to be ready for anything that is about to attack you. On the floor you find dead bodies that look pretty old. You finally realises that you have been most likely tricked to go into here! Seeing that there is a gun on the body to decided to go grap it and to get ready to fight for your life! Good luck adventurers! I hope your ready to fight monsters not from this world! Do remember that ammo doesn't grow on brick walls.

<teleport to polygon 3>

terminal 1


7/7/2010 Unknown date Seeing the ladder that leads downward into the pyramind you wonder where it will lead to. Seeing that there has to be more than one exit to the pyramind you decide to go down. Holding onto your new weapon you continue the search for the exit. END OF CHAPTER 1