1: Where the dust lives

terminal 0


CHAPTER 2 likely still 7/7/2010 unknown time You jump onto a pile of bones of an unknown creature. It looks darker than it was upstairs. Seeing that there is another dead body you believe it has some ammo for your new fond pistol. Looking further ahead there looks like some kind of new monster! It doesn't look friendly so you decide to be on your guard. Even though there wasn't many of those headless monsters theres probley gonna be more monsters.

<teleport to polygon 3>

terminal 1


Still likely 7/7/2010 unknown time Finding yet another ladder leading further below the pyramind you think about what has happened in the last few hours or so. You've relized that the directer of the museum tricked you into going here, there are monsters not from this world here, other people have entered the pyramind from older time periods, and you really want to go back to your home. The answers are likely futher downward in the pyramind. So you go down the ladder ready to face yet more monsters. Your gonna need more ammo.... END OF CHAPTER 2