0: GasMine

terminal 0


COMMAND DIRECTIVE: TOP SECRET. EYES ONLY. Trooper, you were almost too late. We need you to wipe out the alien infestation and then proceed to the next teleport site. Our intelligence on the teleport site is limited, but we do know that some superstitious locals believe you must visit each of the sites where the remains of the deads' bones lie before you can teleport out. This map may help you. It is the best intelligence we have. Your best strategy is to make your way through this map quickly and avoid the Pfhor at all costs until you can gather your supplies and build your weapons inventory. Engaging the enemy too early could end in disaster.

In your travels, avoid civilians or Bobs as we like to call them. They are dressed in green outfits. Some are infected and will explode in near proximity to you. Also, be careful not to accidentally kill innocent civilians and security. They are there to protect you and will turn on you if you kill too many of them. Unfortunately, collateral damage is expected!! Remember, when you have enough weapons, kill as many Pfhor as you can and then teleport out of there! Your success, and our survival, depend on it!!!