2: Breach

terminal 0


ENGAGEMENT STATUS: STATE OF WAR. The news from home is not good. The Pfhor are everywhere. They have invaded our colonies and continue to advance on our sister system as well. You are our only hope right now. You must continue with your mission and destroy as many Pfhor as you can. We cannot allow them to complete their temporal research and destroy our origins!

You must find AND insert 3 Uplink Chips to the proper terminal on this level. Then, proceed through the door and kill as many Pfhor as you can. Tactical analysis from our sensors indicate that you will find uplink chips as shown in the map to your left.

In order to teleport out of the great hall, you must find and insert ALL 3 chips. While searching for the uplink chips, keep an eye out for strange looking Phfor equipment. The Command Council thinks there may be temporal equipment we can destroy. Our intelligence is weak on this, but you must investigate it nonetheless - even if it turns out to be a false report. Good luck!


Congratulations. You have completed your mission! You have greatly damaged Pfhor resistance in the great hall. Unfortunately, there are more Pfhor on the USS Valen. I will teleport you there so you can continue your mission!

terminal 1


CONDITION: RED The galactic council is proud of you trooper. You have come far with little support. As you proceed through your missions, we will provide more support. Thanks to your actions, we have reconnected some of our severed supply lines. Now we can send you more weapons and support!

Proceed through the rest of this floor. Be careful, the Pfhor are still powerful and outnumber us 2 to 1! Good luck!