0: Arrival

terminal 0



Activation: Welcome Location: Kessen-Chu System, Milky Way Galaxy Target: Day side, mountain base of the Pfhor above the haze layer, the middle peak

Process: Briefing Security Clearance: Security Officers Only Greetings. We have located a remote Pfhor outpost on an Earth like planet. Our intelligence have been somewhat successful in securing some information about the Pfhor military network here. But the details are sketchy. However, you can find a energy recharger in the nearby room and an oxygen recharger somewhere else (see picture). So far, our agents have not managed to find a pattern buffer for your convenience...they tend to die before soon. Either that or something far worse for them: some seem to have been captured alive. I'll try to take over one of their terminals for the purpose of storing your pattern.

Mission: Exploration and Extermination Security Clearance: Security Officers Only Before their nearly immediate termination, the agents sent us images from the locations in the picture. They appear to be in close proximity to each other. Regardless of that, explore the whole base so that we can secure this base for our other operations. Preliminary data suggest that there is only one other base, on the night side. Come back to this terminal after you have finished. You may be delighted to know that we have caught this garrison off guard. No mercy. No prisoners.



Mission Status: Goals Achieved Security Clearance: Public We are finished here. Teleporting now.