1: Frying Pan---

terminal 0



Activation: Welcome Location: Kessen-Chu System, Milky Way Galaxy Target: Night side, Fire Mountain, Fire Mountain Island, Pfhor security and scientific base (upper level above the clouds) We are in tropical climate. The red mountain's colour is caused by erosion of its iron rich soil (laterite). It is an old volcano and it appears to be dormant, which it won't be for long if it is up to us.

Process: Briefing Security Clearance: Security Officers (partial) This is it, a Pfhor <classified>. This time we really poured on where human resources are concerned. You know the story... Go activate that switch: one of our more resourceful agents managed to find out so much before his apparent termination. Many others were captured almost at once. Take the left corridor (as seen from this position) after you've saved your biochemoelectrical pattern. You'll find a pattern buffer quite close. Use stairs. The switch opens the door near the pattern buffer if the preliminary data is correct.

Mission: Rescue Security Clearance: Security Officers (partial) The prisoners are - most likely - confined in the cells in this part of the base. The switches look suspiciously like those meant to open the doors shown in the embedded picture, but I could be wrong. Sue me.

Process: Illumination Security Clearance: Security Officers (partial) After liberating the agents from their prisons and the Pfhor from their lives go to the terminal shown for further instructions.

terminal 1


Process: Resolution Security Clearance: Security Officers There are more rooms to check, I'm afraid...see that there will be no more annoyances ahead of us. Check the structures shown.

<checkpoint 0>

Mission: Retrieval Security Clearance: Security Officers (partial) In addition, get the chip. It will be needed later. Should be somewhere there.



Mission Status: Goals Achieved Security Clearance: Security Officers There is something gone awry in the lower levels of the base. Messages from the agents make no sense. We can assume that some sort of FUBAR has taken place - guess who is going to investigate. Treat everything and everybody with extreme hostility. Most of the human agents presumed missing seem to have been transferred here: see if you can free them. Preliminary reports from there are not encouraging.