2: ---Fire

terminal 0



Activation: Welcome Location: Kessen-Chu, System Milky Way Galaxy Target: Night side, Fire Mountain Island, lower level of the Pfhor security and scientific base

Process: Briefing Security Clearance: Security Officers (partial) As you have probably found out by now, all hell has broken loose here. This must be the <classified> previously mentioned. And this must be their secret: bioweapon to turn every unit possessing wetware against each other and everyone. Fortunately for you, my virus (which I planted on the day side to their computer systems) turns every hardware unit against each other - unfortunately for you, you have to suffer the consequences. To help you on this mission we have done these: although experimental and barely tested, your pattern was injected with an antidose to the weaponry's effects. Secondly, some <classified> drones captured on the day side are now working for us. No human will accompany you.

Mission: Repair Security Clearance: Security Officers Picture: Estimated result What all this means is that we must make sure this will not be useful to hostile parties. Simply put: the destruction of the whole base by meltdown. This is where the chip acquired previously comes handy. Its programming was altered to allow me to take over the whole works. To prevent anyone from hampering this process, eradication of hostile lifeforms must be accomplished. Do it.

It appears that our captured agents not accounted for as of yet might reside somewhere in here. I suppose they are inside a forcefield of some kind. Considering the flakiness of everything even remotely operational I strongly suggest that you avoid their cage. It seems to allow you in at selected points - which might stop you momentarily - but getting out is not possible, at least not for you. I still have not found its control mechanism; it could be that it has been destroyed by the Pfhor before or during their descent into madness. If you feel the tug of that forcefield, stop and continue immediately - doing this could confuse the mechanism for a while.

terminal 1



Pro£$÷›cess: Initiation Security Clear≤߆‘ance: Secur√|ity Officers You ha~@™ve mad£ƒ£[e it this far? Good.

<checkpoint 1>

Missi‘›√on: Exit Mission Status: Go$§als Near Completion Security Clearance: Security Offiæüµcers There is one final sp…‚†‹ªrint, and the information indiƒ√|£$ßcates there is only one g†u˛¸|§a§r߃d...it must be really something if it is loc≈∞ ∂ked behind walls. Possibly an§][ at˛†$|e[‹çr´≈iü‘©¶al unit? We must assume so. I cannüot te$§|lepoƒrt you home from hßere - the nearby malfuµ]∞§nctioning for§£|cefield cage prevents me from getting a lock on you. The switch activating the walls is behind locked doors which you might have encountered, and the switch opening the doors is close by. Unfortunately this will release the g[uéar∞4d and h~˙ae will probably not be happy about the state of things. The platform in his eyrie is your way out.