2: Dr- Tycho's Castle

terminal 0


It looks like the Pfhor found their way down here about a week ago. Perhaps they dug through the surface, or maybe they found a functional teleporter. Who cares. This facility was commissioned and operated by a military research corporation known as Stanford and Stricklund. It's a big secretive operation, like the Atreides. S&S must have a lot of clout. And money. Humans are so corruptible. It's a controversial statement, but my years of insight and exploration around the galaxy has helped me reach that conclusion.

When the Pfhor landed here, the researchers and scientists evacuated via a teleporter at the northern end of the complex, and they sealed as many of the doors as they could. The latter didn't seem to slow down the Pfhor too much. I'll send you after the Humans to make sure they're okay in due time. Upon reactivating the neural nets, we may have exposed the research data and other sensitive information the S&S nerds were working on to the Pfhor. What were you thinking? Get inside the labs and clean up your mess.

terminal 1


Log entry #068.388:10.53 Header: S&S Progress Report Entry by: Charles Menford, Research Director Rear Admiral Harrison was insistent upon a visit to lab RP#4476. I'm not sure she understands the idea behind a secret installation, but she's trying to throw her weight around with her new rank, and I'll have to capitulate eventually. Maybe she's trying to transfer into S&S, har har. I'll have to put together a progress report for her, show her around the labs a bit. Not that we have anything to hide or anything, but it rankles a little bit. The whole idea of the Stanford and Stricklund merger was to be above this kind of meddlesome military oversight. She used to be a director herself; where's the compassion? Ah well. Ah, now I get it. Brass has been trying to expand their AI testing program with corporate. Even though those Dangi weirdos supposedly have had success with them, that whole Phoenix nonsense is enough to leave a sour taste in my mouth. As far as I'm concerned, RP#4476 will operate entirely on human neurons until the day I die.

terminal 2


From what I can tell, rummaging through the computer systems here, Stanford and Stricklund have been working on absolutely nothing interesting. The corporation has gone to great lengths to obscure their little lab here, too. The whole universe has been so boring, lately. You may be curious as to where our old friend is. It seems like Tycho's been in the dog house with regards to the Hindmost Creche lately. They may be upset at his delinquent behavior and generally poor performance back at Lh'owon. At any rate, I haven't seen or heard of him lately, but now that you and I are together again, I'd be surprised if he didn't turn up soon with his tail between his legs. Whatever.

The mainframes are down the hall to your left. You may find your access to them fettered by the standard fare -- security doors and other countermeasures to keep you locked out. Records in the system indicate that there are a couple of control rooms in the north end of the complex. You could start there. Hurry up and get to it. When you're done, come back here so I can tell you to do more things.


I mentioned a while ago that the Humans evacuated the facility by means of a teleporter. I want to be sure they're alright, but I don't know where it leads. It'd be much more convenient (for me, anyways) if you could find it and step through it. Check on them for me and we'll be all done here. If the rest of the Human-Pfhor war goes as smoothly as this, the Empire will be toppled in weeks. I have no reason to believe my arrogance could make me look like a fool later -- that's why I have you around.

terminal 3


Personnel Notice / Administration Edict [#00000004] Header: Mainframe Security Fentor Menendez, Security Agent Dr. Menford has asked me to crack down on local security, pending a visit/inspection from UESC Admiral Mara Harrison. To this end, the following protocols are being temporarily installed. For your safety, of course. 1) Mainframe access now needs to be regulated via Security Station 1. For new researchers here, these stations are at the north end of the installation. Generally speaking, there should be no need for mainframe access for most of the staff, but in the event, just present your case to the agent at Station 1 and he'll open the doors. 2) Until further notice, access requests to the relay station will be unilaterally denied. The agent at Station 2 will be able to explain further, but for the moment, it would be best if all researchers and staff remained present at the installation. Please respect our wishes and remain away from the teleporter system.

We all know that efforts from S&S corporate headquarters to improve productivity can be invasive and somewhat counter-intuitive. Generally, Dr. Menford and I have agreed to minimize those here at RP#4476, but with the forthcoming inspection from Rear Admiral Harrison, we may need to tighten up the enforcement of those regulations for the short term. To that end, please remain at your assigned posts during your assigned hours. Socialization between separate posts during working hours will be strictly monitored, and generally forbidden. Please do not talk about your current projects with people from other posts, or at all while not on working hours. Remember, this is still a secret installation; you aren't supposed to know what you do. Thanks, guys!

P.S. Remember, the quarterly production/motivation get-together is next week! This time, all workers whose ID-numbers begin with "3" are to provide food or snacks. It begins at 1900 sharp, September 2. Your attendance isn't technically required, but we will know who is there, so...

terminal 4


Mainframe room B Check with security agent at Security Station 1 with regards to access to this room. Per Administration Edict #00000004, access to mainframe rooms is being strictly regulated. Apologies for the inconvenience.

terminal 5


Mainframe room A Check with security agent at Security Station 1 with regards to access to this room. Per Administration Edict #00000004, access to mainframe rooms is being strictly regulated. Apologies for the inconvenience.

terminal 6


It's almost astonishing how utterly unremarkable the Stanford and Stricklund research projects are, considering the size of their endowment from the UESC. Even with a brain the size of half the galaxy, the nature of Human politics completely eludes me -- both in its complexity and utter pointlessness. When looking at all the data that I can find in the mainframes, the fragments of articles that haven't been fully expunged, it looks like this installation is tied in one way or another to an early-model data relay station in the outer fringes of the galaxy. It's not clear where exactly this station is, or why an idiotic little research station would be linked to it at all. It is a mystery! But probably a pretty mundane and boring one, given how things have been going for me lately.

I have discovered something useful to you. Shortly before our arrival here on... what is it called? RP#4476. Shortly before that, the Humans secured the mainframes, so you will not be able to access those chambers without releasing the security locks. There are two stations in total you will need to visit; one will unlock those chambers, and the other will unlock the teleporter that presumably leads to the aforementioned relay station. You wish I was always this helpful. I'm just impatient. Get out of here.

terminal 7


Congratulations! This is the one thousandth time you have failed to follow my instructions with the precision I'd expect of such a well-traveled, battle-seasoned cybernetic warrior like yourself. Especially one with the years of experience you have in dealing with myself. You were supposed to break the mainframes before moving onward. You haven't done that yet, as is made clear by my unspeakable aggravation. Or, at least, unspeakable ennui. Go on already, move it. By the way, if you haven't found it yet, the security room that opens up the mainframe chambers is the one immediately to your left. You know, on the other side of the window. I don't recommend walking through the wall.


Stanford and Stricklund have retrofitted an old UESC data relay station that was abandoned a good fifteen years prior, when modern technology rendered it obsolete. The station was built into a lone asteroid hurling through space in the outer reaches of the galaxy, unfettered by pesky things like orbit or gravity. S&S have turned it into a... something. The researchers here aren't exactly allowed official leave, since what they study is supposed to be totally secret (and therefore, they aren't technically supposed to be here at all), so I suppose this isolated haunted house in the middle of nowhere is supposed to be a holiday resort for them.

It is so far away, and its location is not actually physically recorded anywhere in the RP#4476 logs, that when I send you through this teleporter I will not be able to reach out and contact you immediately. They are not currently connected to any other UESC or S&S communications networks. But, with luck, they will use the same sort of neural network system they've got installed here; if so, you may be able to enable that, and I could find you that way. Do that, and when we meet again I will figure out your next chores. Hope you're comfortable; you've got a long trip ahead of you.

terminal 8


Notice from UESC High Command Auth: Mara Harrison, Rear Admiral 022.388:07.30 Per my responsibilities and authority as Rear Admiral for the UESC, I have made a visitation request to Stanford and Stricklund research installation "RP#4476" to be executed within the next standard month. The core purpose of this inspection will be to ensure that financial endowments from the UESC are being properly appropriated, according to the needs and standards of UESC, and to make sure that all regulations are being followed, in as much as they apply to private contractors. I would advise against any form of obfuscation or obstruction in this manner, unless you wish to be brought against a UESC tribunal.