1: Compressed Output

terminal 0


The Humans were just a couple of weeks into the construction of this little installation before the Pfhor showed up and routed their meager defenses. They -- the Humans -- managed to escape, but barely. I can't imagine what the Pfhor would still be looking for here, though, but this wouldn't be the first time we've been walking in their footsteps. It's possible, I suppose, that the Pfhor looted this information from the Atreides, but why would they return? And furthermore, why did the Atreides return here, long after the fall of this base?

I'm impressed thus far with the successes the Humans have had against the Pfhor in their savage war. With a little help from myself, of course. The UESC commanders are smart, but spread too thin -- and that's where you come in, to fill the gaps that the Humans cannot. With a few clinical swings of my sword, we can clean up this silly mess before things get out of hand. Hopefully anyway. I hope you aren't too upset at your arsenal. I know UESC munitions standards have advanced in the last few decades, but I haven't had the time to update my own stores yet. Just whatever's left over from the Lh'owon days. I'm not in a hurry to assault any UESC supercruisers and steal their things at the moment -- it's better that we remain on relatively good terms.

terminal 1


With the increasing reliance on artificial intelligence, virtually every Human installation comes prepackaged with neural net frameworks. That's convenient enough for me; it's been a while since I've occupied a UESC computer system, but the architecture is probably close enough to work for me. Behind this door is an uplink chip that, when inserted into a network node, should enable it and allow me to insert myself into their system. There should be a nearby access point for you to use. Or it could be that I already know if there is or not, and I'm just using ambiguous language for my own self-amusement. Get on with it.

terminal 2


This computer system is currently disabled. All neural systems in this outpost have been funded by a collaborative foundation between the UESC Outer Reaches Expeditionary Legion and the Stanford and Stricklund military research corporation. Questions and support can be forwarded to either the local OREL Liaison (Anya Sylvester) or S&S Personal Relations consultant (Charles Barrientos), depending on the nature of your issue. We apologize for the inconvenience, and we are working to re-establish computer systems in this outpost as quickly as possible.


Well. What a clever ruse the Humans pulled on the Pfhor. Below the surface of this dismal planetoid is an impressive network of laboratories and equipment, masked by what appeared to be a half-finished military base. This apparently stymied the Pfhor scouts the first time they came around a couple of years ago, but when they returned they apparently found a way under the surface and have been doing their best to murder whoever they could. With the neural nets enabled, though, all the computer systems are back online -- and I can see perfectly everything they're up to. I will send you down there; do what you do best and punish the Pfhor for their arrogance.