0: Live Hard, Die Hard (in vacuum)!

terminal 0


CGXVI Computer logon

RECORDED MESSAGE Good morning you have just landed at Moonbase 11c and your mission is to find out why we (ESA) have lost contact whith our base, it would be terrible if ether the Americans or Russians would have found it, so kill any non ESA persons at this base. Hopfully it´s just a broken com-device. This is the only image available of the base. You have to get inside the main underground complex, that shouldn´t be to much a trouble. Oh by the way, good luck!

CGXVI Computer logoff

terminal 1


JCN logon at 2016AD/DECEMBER/24/03:00

Oh, a human! This base have fallen under attack by some kind of extraterestials (aliens). The ET:s have destroyed my comunications with earth. Sorry, I didn´t tell you who I am. I am JCN, this station´s primary AI. "#€%€%))€=("(&!=?(#€)€%(=?"`"!€)()€=¶\¡¶{”≠≠¿{”¢{¶‰¿≠‰¿°{\‰\{¶¡{{}˜{É»˘{\}{¡≠{\¢¿\¶‰¬˘“ Oh, d"rn I am pic˜µµYng up interf&%ance at this terminal.

<checkpoint 0>

Find ano†˛ér ter”ˆnal he√e, Œver a6d out.

JCN logoff at 2016AD/DECEMBER/24/03:00

terminal 2


JCN logon at 2016AD/DECEMBER/24/04:00

Hello there I am going to ask you to kill evrything on this base before I open that door. Standby for teleportation. Jump-pad activated. See ya!

JCN logoff at 2016AD/DECEMBER/24/03:00

<teleport to polygon 58>


JCN logon at 2016AD/DECEMBER/24/04:30

Good work human. Unfortunally the aliens seem to have broken in to the underground complex and therefor all the air has been vented from the first level. Be prepared to use that blaster of yours a lot, I will send you one O2 (oxygen) canister. So, work quickly, and you will live, work slowly and you will asphyxiate. Good luck JCN

JCN logoff at 2016AD/DECEMBER/24/04:31