1: Asphyxication

terminal 0



Oh there you are again. I want you to fix the electricity system by putting in a new fuse. I can´t give you a map because the maps over this level have been corrupted (cause unknown). But the "fusebox" is in the south. There is a fuse nerby the fusebox, about 16 meters to the west. Take this data with a grain of salt, caus I have ZERO control of this level, and the map data is corrupted as I said earlier. But one thing is for sure, troops have entred this level and it will not be an easy trip. The fusebox will just put the elevators back on. There are two elevators which are located to the east. You have to get there ASAP take the one which goes up and follow it to the com-dish. When up you must reset all switches to put the communications systems back online. Be aware that oxygen is rare so work quickly. Once you are done you´re gonna head to the other elevator, that elevator will take you down one level. I will breef you further there. Good Luck!

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